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It doesn’t matter where a prayer comes from, what faith or temple. If it’s a true prayer, it emanates from the human heart, only to reach of the heart of God. If you believe it, the prayer is already answered.

It may not be the reply you desire, but every prayer that originates in the heart is answered, and the prayer itself fulfilled in the very act of asking. For each request contains its own reply. Every question has within it the seed of its own answer.

The wording doesn’t matter. There’s no specific order that the words must take, no form they must assume. Your word has power in this world insofar as you declare an intention. But to think that certain words must be used in prayer, or that they must occur in a certain order, or repeated a certain number of times, is to believe in incantations. The age of magic has passed. You, the one who prays, have evolved beyond that.

The intention is all. You may utter certain words in prayer, yet if the intention in your heart opposes your words, the prayer of the heart is the one answered. Words are weak expressions, reflections of the heart, possibly. But possibly, the heart opposes the surface manifestations of the mind, which are expressed in words. The language of the heart is prayer, which is intention. The language of the mind is thoughts and words. Your thoughts are prayers, yet they, too, are weaker than intention, which arises always from the heart.

Desire may bind intention. Or intention may bind desire. A prayer is purer if a noble intention sponsors desire, for the heart can be treacherous in its desires. And if intent is enslaved to desire, then intention stands in service to desire. The prayer will be answered in accordance with the desire, but if the desire is to satisfy an unworthy goal, the result may be dangerous.

Desire without intention is mere wishing, a weak form of prayer that is never answered, for wishes do not want to be fulfilled. They wish to remain unconsummated. The cosmos answers the call of intention, not wish. Intention is always obeyed.

An intention can be aligned with words and with actions. When all three are so aligned, your prayer becomes very powerful. The prayer is definite and the cosmos will fulfill its call. This does not mean that the prayer is loving, or that the results will be beneficial.

Be careful, therefore, to guard your word, your act and your intention. For all these together are your prayer. And as your prayer is, so too shall be your life.