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Home Arts The Blacksmith (Le Maréchal ferrant) in Mancos

The Blacksmith (Le Maréchal ferrant) in Mancos

via Opera Lafayette 

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming performances of The Blacksmith (Le Maréchal ferrant) taking place in Mancos, CO! Originally scheduled for the Mancos Opera House, prior to COVID-19, the performances are now taking place outdoors in front of the historic Menefee Barn and Blacksmith Shop. Bales of hay in the meadow will designate the areas where each group can sit safely distanced from other audience members and at least 25 feet from the performers. We hope to present the production in New York City and Washington, DC when permitted and safe. In the meantime, a video recorded production will be available for streaming THIS fall.Like what you see? Check out a full video description on our website! www.operalafayette.org


Public Performances:

October 9, 10, and 11, 2020, 5:00 p.m. MT

A filmed version of the Mancos production will be available for streaming in later fall.PURCHASE TICKETS

Private Performances:

October 7, 2020
Opera Lafayette will present a special performance of music classes to the Mancos School District, in partnership with Andrew Saletta, the district’s K-12 music teacher.

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