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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Stonefish Collaboration

via Stonefish Sushi & More

Our Collaboration Story: Four months ago, Pete and Tess Montaño brought beautiful lemons and oranges into Stonefish. They also brought their energy and good cheer, wore their Pepperhead chefs’ jackets, masks, specialized peelers, knives, cutting boards, and all sorts of simple but necessary accouterment to resurrect the proprietary liquor bases that become Pepperhead Margaritas, Le Marg, and O Marg.

Exclusively made by the Montaños at and for Stonefish customers. Available now in single bottles, and quarts (4 singles).

MONTEZUMA COUNTY, COLORADO | Cortez - Mancos - Dolores - Lewis - Towaoc - Arriola - Pleasant View - Yellow Jacket

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