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Recreation Associate

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Assists with functions in maintaining the Recreation Center. Responsible for opening and closing the facility when needed.

Responsible for operating Rec Trac software which includes, but not limited to, course registration, membership and pass sales, daily visits, merchandise sales, facility booking and park shelter reservations when needed. Occasionally responsible for cash balancing.

Cleans meeting rooms, hallways, lobbies, entryway, gymnasium, racquetball courts, fitness area, restrooms, and other work areas.

Makes regular checks of locker rooms and restrooms to help prevent theft and vandalism, as well as perform any duties to assure cleanliness.

Assists with removing snow during winter months from walkways and all entrances, empties trash inside Recreation Center and picks up trash from around the building.

Sets up and takes down rooms in a timely manner.

Ensures that customer service is outstanding by providing a friendly, courteous environment. Acts as a liaison for the City to the public by answering the telephone and by providing general information regarding any aspect of the Recreation Center and/or parks and recreation.

Assist patrons in the use of the Rockwall and Fitness equipment. Responsible for keeping those areas clean and functioning properly.

Performs duties as assigned.

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SalaryBeginning wage: $12.60
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