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Southwest Health System Now Offering Nitrous Oxide

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Southwest Health System, Inc. Now Offering Nitrous Oxide

September 23, 2020 Cortez, CO – Southwest Health System, Inc. (SHS) announces that nitrous oxide is now offered to assist with pain management during childbirth, wound care and some surgical procedures, beginning today, September 23rd. “Nitrous oxide is a great option for pain management during labor and delivery. It is patient controlled so allows freedom of movement during labor and does not interfere with health of mother or baby. This method also improves anxiety which can make the delivery and repair process easier,” said SHS OB/GYN Erin Schmitt, DO, FACOG

Approved by the FDA in 2017, it is being adopted in hospitals across the United States, most notably as a pain management option during childbirth providing a safe, non-invasive pain management alternative. Nitrous oxide has become more popular in recent years and is widely used to provide analgesia for women during childbirth, and also provides short-term pain relief, sedation and reduced anxiety for patients who are undergoing a wide range of procedures.

Nitrous oxide is self-administered by the patient with our highly-intuitive equipment overseen by highly-trained clinical staff allowing the patient to control and adjust to their comfort level. SHS CNO Karen Labonte commented, “Offering innovative treatment options like nitrous oxide in our family birthing center, wound care and certain procedures gives patients choice and individualized care, close to home.”

Southwest Health System maintains a fully-staffed 24/7/365 Family Birthing Center with experienced, highly-trained physicians and staff. The addition of nitrous oxide expands SHS’s individualized birthing practice allowing moms more options for their birthing experience.

About Southwest Health System

Southwest Health System operates Southwest Memorial Hospital, a critical access hospital, and Southwest Medical Group comprised of 6 clinics providing primary and specialty care services. SHS provides over 50 service lines to the community. SHS is a private, not-for-profit corporation operating under all guidelines and regulations for non-profits and is also governed by a volunteer board. For more information, visit www.swhealth.org

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