Montezuma County – Support a Teacher – As of August 14, 2020 a new public Facebook group has opened up with over 400 members as of today. The page was started by Cortez residents, Madeline Frazier and Heather Rooney.

“This page has been created as a way to help support our local teachers. Too many teachers have to pay from their own pockets with a limited school budget. There are plenty of folks in the area who would love to find a way to give back and we hope you believe this is one of them! Feel free as a citizen, parent or teacher to make a request! The only thing we ask is that you keep it in this format and mark SUPPORTED on the post once you have your request filled. School:Teacher:Item: **Feel free to place a picture of the items to get your post attention!”

Within hours requests have been posted and fulfilled ranging from student project boxes to paint brushes and gear for outdoor learning.

To Join: