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I’ve gotten to eat a few of Mona Makes meals now and I’m a big fan! I put together an article and was hoping to include some more details. Mona Snyder of Mona Makes obliged by answering a few questions.

Why I started Mona Makes. I LOVE to cook, but let’s face it, I would be a lousy restaurant owner. I also think there is tremendous value in a family sitting around the table together discussing their day. With the hectic nature in today’s world, it is hard for parents to make that happen. My hope was to give them the upper hand and remove an obstacle, and support that happening while doing something I love.  For the last 4 years (going on 5) we have been doing soups, breads, and homemade bagels at the winter farmer’s market out at Four Seasons Greenhouse. 

My background is a little of everything. I have worked in healthcare, as a hairstylist, in a live performance theatre, and have sold produce in roadside stands. I come from a long line of Makers. I have a great aunt that worked as a cook on a barge on the Mississippi River. Rumor has it, that she was the creator of the Mississippi mud pie. I also spent quite a bit of time as a kid in the kitchen beside my mom, grandma, and various aunts. 

My family has been in the area (mainly around Rico) since the late 1800s. We are old mining folk. I can’t say I have been very true to the legacy, because mining sounds like a lot of work, and dirty. Ew. 🙂 

Esther is the best right arm you could ever wish for. She is a sister-in-law, in-law (her sister married my brother). We were roommates for a few years during college. I am so glad she decided to move from Utah to join me on this adventure!

A weekly menu is posted to Facebook and Instagram and by simply commenting on a post with small or large, you have a reservation for a meal that serves 2-3 ($24) or 4-6 ($45). You can also call, text and even email your order. Pay with cash, but you can use a credit card for an extra $1. You should order before 10am the day of, but Mona often makes extras for last minute orders or to add more desserts or sides to your order. She also occasionally offers frozen casseroles or special desserts to get you through the weekends.


The food is conveniently packaged, priced reasonably and consistently delicious. It’s a large serving and includes an appetizer, main course, side, and dessert. You’d assume Mona went to culinary school with the attention to detail and delicious, comfort food flavors. She even shows her process with videos on Facebook for some of her dishes and heart-warming additions of her niece’s creations, like pies and granola.

“We aren’t formally trained, we both just really like food. We’re foodies!” -Esther, Sous Chef

Meals are hot and ready for pickup Monday-Friday between 4pm-6pm and varies every day and every week. Esther typically greets you at the food truck window parked at the house where Mona’s commercial kitchen has been built in the garage. Mona mans the fryer in the food truck during pickup times on days with fried foods so items are hot and crispy when picked up.

Mona makes the best egg rolls – after discovering this, I ordered six extra ($12) the next time they showed up on the menu. Every dessert I’ve tried so far has been top notch. And I must admit I am in love with her banana cream pudding. I’ve already adjusted my grocery budget to account for Mona Makes at least twice a week. Trust your GPS. You’ll take a dirt road surrounded by cows and sheep and lots of land down Road M in Cortez.

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