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Home Life LENA Start Free Sessions- Age 0-3

LENA Start Free Sessions- Age 0-3

Community Opportunity: LENA Start free sessions for parents of children 0 – 3 – See all the details at thedailyzu.com.

Help your child gain the language development needed to be prepared for pre-kindergarten. Sign up for fun, interactive, virtual classes for parents and caregivers. Team UP Southwest Colorado and the Cortez Public Library are co-hosting 10 free weekly sessions using LENA Start.

LENA Start is an evidence-based community program designed to engage families and help them learn how to increase conversation with their children during the first few years of life. Interactive talk — specifically back-and-forth conversation — has been proven to be a key factor in healthy early brain development. Yet most families don’t know how much they’re talking to or with their children.

LENA Start uses group classes to help caregivers of young children to increase interactive talk. Families use LENA’s patented “talk pedometer” technology to measure their child’s language environment. Over these guided coaching sessions, parents receive feedback on how much they’re talking, combined with instruction on techniques for talking and reading more, delivered in a supportive group environment. Lena Start’s sessions use an interactive, strength-based approach that includes reflective discussion, report sharing, techniques and tips to increase talk and goal setting.

LENA is a Colorado-based public charity with a mission to accelerate language development in young children. Their technology-enabled programs help caregivers — both parents and teachers — to increase interactive talk with children, birth to three. Through locally sponsored initiatives, these programs help communities make measurable improvements in their children’s futures at the age when they have the highest return on investment. LENA’s “talk pedometer” technology measures back and forth interactions between children and adults. The amount of these conversations that young children experience has been scientifically linked to brain structure, brain activity and long-term language and developmental outcomes.

Thousands of families have attended LENA Start and the results are clear: parents become more connected to their children and communities and make measurable increases in how much they talk, read and interact with their children. Children gain language skills nearly twice as fast as their peers and maintain these gains, showing advanced literacy skills upon entering pre-K. Caregivers report feeling more hope for their child’s future, less stress related to caregiving and increased confidence in their parenting abilities. In short, LENA Start is a catalyst for positive change through individual families and entire communities.

Come join Jamie and Laura for these 10 sessions. There are lots of prizes, free books and fun. We will currently be offering this as an online forum. To sign up for this program or any questions please call or text Jamie at 970-529-0183. Sessions will be starting Thursday October 15th at 7pm!

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