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Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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It’s Time for Your Farm Fresh Order!

via Southwest Farm Fresh Online Market https://www.southwestfarmfresh.com

Read the full story at www.thedailyzu.com. Photo: The Goodall family (Gabriel pictured) of Bountiful Ridge Farm raises chickens on their farm outside of Dolores, CO

It looks like summer is about to be behind us… can that really be?  Although we’re happy for some cooler temperatures, moving into autumn can be bittersweet.  How much longer will all these farm fresh veggies last?! 

Depending on frosts, we should have a good month or more of a lot of variety on the Online Market.  And many of our farmers already have fall crops in the ground to extend the season, as well as plans for growing more in hoop houses and tunnels.  Plus many of our products, like meat, aren’t affected by the length of the growing season.

Have you been adding any of our locally-raised meat cuts – pork, beef, lamb, goat and sometimes chicken – to your orders?  We’re really proud of the high quality and terrific flavor produced by our farms.  And the variety is amazing!  From green chili pork brats to t-bone steaks to lamb riblets to ground beef, pork and lamb and so much more. 

All in all we carry over 75 cuts of meat from local farms that raise small, carefully-tended herds.  This handcrafted meat is high quality because the animals are raised humanely, with lots of care for their well-being, on good feed, and with room to roam in grassy pastures.  It’s a product that’s better for our health, better for the well-being of the animals, and benefits our community by keeping land in agriculture and our food production local.

Let’s support our Co-op meat producers by getting a few more steaks or chops on the grill before the cold sets in and by stocking our freezers to enjoy after it does.

Thank you for eating local and for all the weeks of your support!

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