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SW Memorial Hospital Appreciation Day

Message from Molly Cooper for a SW Memorial Hospital Appreciation Day on Wednesday, Nov.25 – see all the details on thedailyzu.com

Hi all of you wonderful community,

A few of us will be decorating the Hospital grounds (example here) to show our appreciation and to share some words of encouragement during these challenging times for all of the staff at the Hospital. If you would like to participate, I have created a google doc where you can sign up. It is set in 15 minute increments to ensure that large groups don’t congregate and to allow others to participate if desired. All participants (including children) must wear masks and adhere by the CDC guidelines for Covid safety. Thank you for understanding.


Other ways you can help without decorating the grounds:
1) Send me an email with words of encouragement that you would like someone to write on the sidewalk in chalk.

2) Make your own sign that we can hang for you.

I have been in contact with Tony Sudduth (CEO) of the Hospital. We are communicating regarding the plans and intentions. Please respect the time slots here for this reason.

This is also weather dependent. I am following the weather closely and it looks like it will be a sunny beautiful day on Wednesday.

Molly Cooper, MSW

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