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Wednesdays at the Warehouse is Online Market Sorting Day!
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1,000’s of items organized into your individual and wholesale orders

It’s the start of the day and Tessa’s getting the shelves in place for bin sorting.
Dante taping each of your orders to the bins, round one.  We do three sets of these bins – one each for Cortez, Mancos & Durango.

The truck comes in from Durango after picking up produce and other goods from La Plata County farms and producers.  Here’s Nina helping with unloading.
Nina and flower bouquets from Wild Hearts Farm.  Each product goes to into its ideal climate: walk-in cooler, cool room or general warehouse.  Montezuma County farms bring their goods directly to the warehouse.

Each item is gathered according to the amount ordered and volunteers and staff organize the items into individual bins.  Here are Julianne, Dante, Tessa and LInda.
Placing a bag of garlic from Adobe House Farm into a bin.  Each bin has an individual order attached with the customer’s name and pick-up location, a list of what was ordered, and any notes to complete the order.

One of about 130 completed orders.  Look at all of that amazing local food!
Once all of the orders are filled, we roll the bins into the walk-in cooler, unload them from the racks, and roll the racks back out to the warehouse for the next round.
Once in the walk-in, the bins are arranged according to pick-up location: Cortez, Mancos and Durango.  On Thursdays, the truck driver (Mark or Ole) load up Mancos and Durango to deliver to those pick-ups.  Cortez stays onsite for local pick-up that afternoon.