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?????? ??????????? art studio/gallery in Cortez is now open for visitors (by appointment only, at this time).After a successful “first” showing of my work at the Cortez Cultural Center back in February of this year, I had hoped to continue exhibiting my work at other locations in the Four Corners; but then the Covid-19 pandemic hit and I’ve not had the opportunity to exhibit anywhere since. Instead, I’ve focused my efforts on getting my studio/gallery ready for receiving guests.My studio/gallery is located behind my home in Cortez, near Denny Lake. If you’d like to visit my studio/gallery to see my Chance Curiosities collection, please call me at 970-560-7536 to arrange an appointment.

?????? ??????????? Recycled Assemblage Art by Keith WilliamsVisit my online gallery on Etsy to see more of my assemblage art work at ?????://???.????.???/????/?????????????????.

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