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Friday, January 22, 2021
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New Carpentry Services

Welcome @jakecarloni – new carpenter in town.

I’m Jake, I’m an east coast carpenter who just landed in Cortez by way of Denver. I have a wide range of interior and exterior construction experience. I mostly specialize in interior trim and cabinet installations, but I’ll set windows, tile backsplashes, install doors, move walls, etc. 

I’d also love to volunteer for any organization that might need help or direction with their projects. Big or small, I’m always eager to lend advise or a helping hand. 

Feel free to reach out by phone or email! 

Jake Carloni – 203-804-3116

MONTEZUMA COUNTY, COLORADO | Cortez - Mancos - Dolores - Lewis - Towaoc - Arriola - Pleasant View - Yellow Jacket

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