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Friday, January 22, 2021
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Aspen Wallwood Fire

via Kimberly Ellen Hazen Jones and Karen Becker Hansen with the Dolores Volunteer Fire & Rescue

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Sending out a very sincere thankyou to Mancos, Lewis, Cortez fire departments and the Division of Fire Prevention and Control for all of their many hours of help on the Aspen Walwood fire. Our hats off to each and every one of you.

Our firefighters have definitely had an eventful evening to say the least!! We got paged out at 7:38pm by dispatch due to several phone calls from passerby’s saying they were seeing flames and smoke from inside the gate at Aspen Wallwood Sawmill on Hwy 184. The big slash pile on the far side of the property caught fire (cause unknown at this time). It will burn for an undetermined amount of time, but most likely months. This fire could have gotten out of hand and could have been a lot worse had dispatch not received those calls! Thank you to those who reported it.

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