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Airport Manager for City of Cortez

Airport Manager
• Responsible for preparing airport budget and presentation to City Council. Monitors and manages budget. Provides and implements ideas to further production.
• Writes Colorado State Department of Aviation grant requests and presents to State board. Administers grant projects and reports.
• Prepares various internal airport reports, as well as special reports requested by the City Manager.
• Attends bi-weekly department head meetings, annual retreats, and City Council meetings as requested. Interacts with all levels of city employees.
• Maintains pertinent records for federal and state review.
• Acts as liaison between City Manager/City Council and airport tenants. Researches, negotiates, and drafts contracts for the various tenants.
• Purchases all airport supplies as needed.
• Attends State and Federal conferences when appropriate, on behalf of the airport. Planning:
• Meets with City Manager/City Council to discuss future direction of airport. Reports on needs affecting FAA compliance issues. Participates in the development of policy.
• Acts as on-site airport representative for FAA sponsored projects, coordinating with contractors, consulting engineers, and the FAA.
• Meets with architects to discuss and plan building needs and compliance with ADA and other compulsory regulations.
• Develops airport capital improvement plan for submittal to FAA and State Division of Aeronautics. Supervision:
• Supervises Janitorial needs and airfield maintenance requirements through one full-time worker.
• Supervises training of District firefighters with airport familiarization and airport fire truck. Facility Management: Buildings
• Responsible for all terminal, airport owned hangars, and airport operations building maintenance. This includes hands on application of building trades knowledge including plumbing, electrical, carpentry and mechanical aptitude, in conjunction with Airport Ops Technician; or contacting local service providers.
• Designs and directs maintenance of airport landscaping.
• Specifies and/or purchases maintenance supplies and equipment.
• Implements building projects as needed. Coordinates design, bidding, oversight, etc. Facility Management: Airfield
• Conducts safety and security inspections per FAA and TSA guidelines and established airport procedures. Insures compliance with Federal regulations. Directly coordinates efforts to correct airfield discrepancies. Prepares inspection reports in the absence of Airport Operations Technician.
• Initiates airport operations procedures. Possesses a firm knowledge of FAA standards.
• Controls wildlife hazards on the airfield with the assistance of the Airport Operations Technician. • Composes State mandated Stormwater Management Plan and SPCC Plan and administers both. Reports to the State Department of Health annually. • Removes snow in conjunction with Airport Operations Technician on runways, taxiways and all other paved surfaces necessary for safe operation.
• Oversees and assists the Airport Operations Technician with mowing and blading of airfield safety areas according to FAA specifications.
• Directs care of all airport lighting and appurtenances including daily inspection and record keeping.   Fire Protection:
• Compiles curriculum for airport firefighting and supervises its implementation for training of Fire District personnel.
• Insures reliability and function of airport fire apparatus.
Airport Security:
• Acts as Airport Ground Security Coordinator.
• Maintains Airport Security Manual.
• Establishes liaison relationship with TSA security personnel.
• Meets with TSA Security Agent regarding airport security issues.
• Conducts security inspections with TSA agent semiannually.
• Establishes and adopts security measures internally and by TSA directives. Other Duties:
• Performs other duties as assigned. … Read on
Status Open
Category Full-Time
Salary Range: $26.11-$39.18
Published Sep 17, 2020, 09:30 AM
Closing Nov 04, 2020, 05:00 PM
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