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I follow a Facebook page for a local music duo called Maddy and Kev. They started to do something I hadn’t seen before in our area- systematically touring around Mancos to bring awareness to local business and raise money for a cause. The tour started on December 12th and they call it the “12 Songs of Christmas.”

We will be posting a new song recorded at a new business location around Mancos, CO everyday for the next 12 days. On each post find our virtual “tip jar.” All proceeds go to local families in need. We are looking forward to sharing some cheer with everyone this year. Stay tuned to see which business we will be performing at first. Merry Christmas!

~ Maddy and Kev

So I reached out to learn more about their creative endeavor to help their community during the holidays and they were kind enough to answer some questions.

Why did you decide to do this?

We decided to create our “12 Songs of Christmas” special because this has been a difficult year for many people, and we wanted to do something to help those in need. With COVID 19, moving to an online platform has been popular, so we decided to create a fun Christmas event that not only brought local music to people’s Facebook feed but also provided a way for people to donate to local families in need. We also wanted to spotlight local businesses that are doing their best to stay open in these trying times by recording in front of/at each business and tagging them in the Facebook post. Basically, we wanted to spread some Christmas cheer, spotlight local businesses, and help local families through music.

How will you distribute the funds you raise?

We have a contact through the Mancos school that has created a list of local families in need. We will be choosing several families, finding out what they are in need of, and fulfilling those wishes with the funds raised.

Is it a surprise which location you’ll play next?

Yes! We have carefully chosen 12 local businesses throughout Mancos to record songs at and our viewers must wait until the next post to find out where we will be performing. It has been fun to have people stop and watch as we play at different businesses surprised to see live music and find out our chosen locations.

Do you have a list of songs you’ll be playing?

We have compiled 12 Christmas songs and assigned them to each location. Our list consists of both fun and upbeat Christmas tunes but also songs that really display the true meaning of Christmas.

Tell me about how your duo got started playing music.

We met on my (Maddy) birthday at Fenceline Cider in Mancos, CO. It happened to be an open mic night and Kevin (Kev) was there to play guitar and sing a few songs. A mutual friend suggested that we should perform a song together. Six months later we put a duo together and, well, we are still singing.

Here are some of their recent recordings of their Mancos tour. You can donate via PayPal, Venmo or through the Go Fund Me links and all proceeds will go to families in need:


Go Fund Me:

Venmo: @MaddyandKev

Maddy and Kev are an Acoustic duo playing a variety of music from country to blues, soul and rock and roll. It’s a sweet and savory musical cuisine you have to taste for yourself. They can be reached through their Facebook page for booking or call 970-238-6001.